Perfect summer weekend!

Late summer or early autumn has always a bit special feeling: one starts to get back to the work routines and there is a certain melancholy in the air as the summer holiday and the main sailing trip of the year is already over. However, the weather is usually warmer than in the early summer, so there is a good chance of getting nice getaways during the weekends and evening trips.

I guess that we all can agree how weather dependent sailing often is: this hobby can have a completely different face depending on if it is warm and sunny or cold and windy. Less than a month ago in July, we were wearing woolen hats and gloves when sailing in the Archipelago Sea. On the other hand, this August has been great in Northern Baltic Sea and on last weekend it actually felt like we would have been sailing in the Mediterranean.

We decided to take the advantage of the heatwave and cast-off on Friday morning for long-weekend trip. Due to the persistent high pressure, calm winds were forecasted for the whole weekend so we took a pretty relaxed schedule. Fortunately, sea breeze picked up every afternoon so in the end we were able to sail almost two thirds of the seventy nautical miles' trip.

Beautiful Friday evening in Helsingholm. Although the harbour was rather full in the evening, 
we managed to get the last sauna booking from 11 to 12 pm. 

The following day was calm so we motored first to nearby Sandön. This uninhabited island has 
long sandy beaches and on this warm Saturday afternoon, this place was like some deserted Caribbean island.   

 A lot of boats visiting Sandön on Saturday... and also one seaplane! 

 A drone photo of Sandön, which shows the long sand bank in the eastern tip of the island.

The westerly wind increased in the evening, so we decided to hoist the anchor and sail to nearby Benskär which has a more sheltered anchorage. 

Sailing past Sandön on Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday evening barbeque in our sailing club's harbour in Heisala. 


  1. Aivan uskomattoman upeita noi dronella otetut kuvat. Oletko ajatellut myydö tuollaista kuvausta? Itseäni ainakin kiehtoisi saada purjehduskuvia omasta veneestä tuollaisista kuvauskulmista.

    1. Kiitos paljon kommentista! Kyllä kaupallinen still- ja videokuvaus on käynyt mielessä, mutta käytännössä projektien työläys (erityisesti videokuvauksen kohdalla) rajoittaa jonkun verran tuota kaupallista potentiaalia. Jos yhden kuvauspäivän aikana saisi kuvattua useampia veneitä (esim. purjehduskilpailussa), niin homma voisi kustannusmielessä toimia paremmin. Mutta mielenkiintoinen ajatus kyllä tämä!

  2. I am so glad to read that you had a perfect summer weekend! In this summer I was very busy in the international corporate events. I also organized some events and they proved to be very beneficial for my business.


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