Elisaari-Stora Svartö-Helsinki

On the way to Helsinki we overnighted in Elisaari, which is a popular harbour in the Barösund area. Located in the midde of a very narrow channel, Elisaari is the kind of harbour that I would like to be in, if a hurricane ever hit the Baltic Sea.

The sea chart gives very little indication that the channel is navigable for sailing boats as there are depth markings of about one meter along the route. However, the channel is deep enough even for bigger yachts. The beginning of the channel is a bit hard to locate as it looks to be a marsh field. But as you come closer you see the beginning of the waterway which is easy to navigate.

In Elisaari there is a beautiful nature trail, which goes trough 
one of the largest oak forests in Finland. 

From Elisaari we continued east across the Porkkala fjard in fresh 10-12 m/s (Force six) downwind. On the eastern side we anchored in the lee of an island called Stor Träskö, where we had lunch and photographing break. The anchorage was a bit windy, so we decided to continue a couple of miles to the east to nearby Stora Svartö, which has good pontoons and buoys.


Stora Traskö

 Stora Svartö

On the following day we had a about 20 nautical miles stretch to Helsinki, where we spent two nights in Liuskaluoto, a harbour by sailing club Helsingfors Segelsällskapet. We liked very much staying in the harbour as it is located in the beautiful Kaivopuisto area close to the city centrum.


  1. Hi Antti,
    Great post and fabulous photos (as usual). Thanks for sharing. We are using your posts about Åland and Finland as a guide for next summer. We are sailing from England to the west coast of Sweden this year, then leaving the boat on Orust for the winter.
    You should think about writing a guide (an interactive e-book with videos as you have such great video material) on the Åland and Turku archipelagos. The only guides I have found are quite dry and not very visually exciting. I'm sure you could a better job!

  2. Hi Kathy, thanks very much for the compliments!

    Good idea about sailing guide (with videos). It has been my dream for some time... Well maybe somewhere in future but I cannot not promise that it is ready for next year ;)

    Btw. Have you already checked this harbour guide by Martin Edge: http://sail-in-finland.info/105-rocks-martin-edges-harbor-pilot-to-finnish-marinas/

    We used that quite a lot when sailing to Helsinki. I can also recommend his books, which are very entertaining.

  3. Hi Antti,
    Thanks for the tip!



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