Kökar Sandvik

Our summer journey continued from Utö towards Åland islands. The weather was sunny but also very windy, and therefore the leg was quite bumpy. During the afternoon, the sky started to fill with clouds so we decided to head for Kökar and based on our explorations and visit to Kökar Sandvik last year, we chose to visit Sandvik. The harbor offered a very calm evening even though the weather was quite windy and rainy. We arrived rather late but still got a chance to book the sauna for the evening. The facilitations in Sandvik were great again: the kitchen is good for doing the dishes and for baking some muffins in the oven.

Here you can also compare how he weather changes when sailing here in Finland. The first two photos were taken on Thursday when the sun was still shining but soon it even started to rain and got colder. On the two following photos from Friday then again it almost felt like real summer!
/Minna & Antti


  1. That "outside of the boat" phot is just breathtaking! Did you notice if they haverenovated the shover rooms in Sandvik? I think I heard roomers of that some time ago...

  2. Thanks for comment! Unfortunately we don't have information on the shower rooms. However, there are good facilities in Sandvik so I guess that showers are ok as well. During the last two visits, we have booked a sauna, which is a great: a 'sea view' and chance to go for a refreshing swim.

  3. There is new service house in Sandvik including new showers etc. they were there already last year. I think cafe was new 2012 but then showers were still old.

  4. How did you take the outside photo, did you just put the GoPro on a stick and held it out of the boat?

    1. That's right. GoPro was attached to the end of a boat hook for photographing/filming. I have some video material also, but haven't yet had time to go through that.


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