Anchorage: Flatö-Ramsö and sailing photos

As mentioned, after a short visit to Aspö, that was full of sailors and their boats, we decided to head for the nearby anchorage between Flatö and Ramsö islands. This shallow bay offered a good night's sleep and on the following day we sailed towards Utö.
/Minna & Antti

The map tells you that we are heading for Utö...


  1. Excellent weather you have had! Looks very tempting. Still over a week until our holiday. Have a great sail. Waiting to see more of your beautiful aerial photos.

  2. Thanks Vellamo! I guess the weather looks warmer in the photos than it actually is, I think today is the first warmer day when we have more than 15 °C... but they forecast, it should get better now!


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