The first sail of the season

The summerlike Easter weekend boosted motivation to get everything ready for the launch, so that we could set sail on 1st of May for a sunny cruise in the Archipelago. In the afternoon we would drop the hook in a sheltered bay for enjoying the warmth of spring sun in the face, and for having a May Day picnic in the cockpit.

The reality was of course a bit different, as the temperature on 1st of May barely climbed above zero. The ground was still white after a snowfall in the morning and the cold northerly breeze took care that the temperature actually felt like -10 degrees. Thus, we decided to spend the holidays for getting everything ready for Sunday, when we were due to sail Dolphin Dance to her home port.

Sunday wasn't much better in terms of weather as it was cold and raining most of the day. However, the sky cleared for the evening and we had a nice but chilly evening sail. When installing the sails, we discovered (or actually remembered from the Autumn) that the main sail's stack pack was a bit torn and needed some repairs. It is interesting that there has been over six months to take care of the bloody thing, but it is in the beginning of the season that things like this happen to cross your mind. Thus, we decided to leave the main sail in its sack, and sail with the genoa only.

Nevertheless, the season 2014 is finally opened, although warm summer breezes still seem to be a bit far away at the moment.


  1. Have a wonderful seasons sail. We are still getting getting ready but we will be leaving soon. There is a beer in the fridge for when you get down to the sun
    Fair winds

  2. Thanks Mark, that's nice to hear! I am looking forward to reading about your cruise in the Meds. Might be coming to sail there next Autumn, or maybe sooner if this damn weather doesn't start warming up :)

  3. Hi Antti,
    Is it possible to buy the music you used on the southern Norway video (composed by Pekka)? It is fantastic!
    Have a great season!
    Thanks, Kathy

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for your comment! For more info about the music, I suggest that you contact Pekka at eikkanepal(a)

    Best Wishes,


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