S/Y Dolphin Dance now on Instagram!

Dolphin Dance is now on Instagram. You will find our account @sydolphindance from instagram.com/sydolphindance. So far we have posted some of our best sailing and sunset photos and we will keep posting inspirational photos from our sailing trips. Earlier, we have used Pinterest, but now we decided to launch Dolphin Dance's own Instagram since the mobile application is so easy to use also when sailing! Instagram is quite handy especially when compared to Facebook, where most of the people who like pages will not even see the photos or updates shared on the page thanks to Facebook's algorithm changes. So let's connect on Instagram too!


  1. There are some amazing photographs on your site. One day we hope to cruise up there but the season seems so short. For the meantime we will stay down here in the Med where it is warm.
    I agree with you about social media and even wrote a blog about it the other day. Facebook is doing its best to destroy itself and instagram and google+ seem the way forwards.
    I look forwards to reading more sailing blogs from you

    1. Thanks Mark! Yes, the season is indeed too short here, although it usually lasts from May till October. But outside the summer months, it is often a bit chilly at the sea. So the Meds doesn't sound a bad choice!

      So far Facebook is n:o 1 social media service for us, but the reach seems to be getting worse all the time. Instagram is indeed a nice service for sharing photos, but from our perspective, the Google+ doesn't seem to offer real competition to Facebook due to the low interaction.


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