New video: Light wind sailing with gennaker

When freeing space on my phone memory, I found some sailing footage, filmed on the 2nd of June, while sailing from Jurmo to Korppoo. The weather in the beginning of the June was exceptionally good this year and temperature climbed above 25 degrees during many days. However, this was not the case in Jurmo – one of the southernmost islands in the archipelago – where the temperature was only around 14 degrees. After sailing an hour or so towards north from Jurmo, the wind eased and temperature climbed above 20 degrees. It was time to take out the gennaker from the locker, and store the long trousers and woolly hats down below. The feeling in the early summer is always a bit special, when the whole season is still ahead...

Link to the Youtube clip


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  2. How do you gybe your gennaker - from the outside (ie. front of the whole thing or are you leading the sheets from between the gennaker and genoa/front stay? Regards, Mikko with a Granada 31 & new gennaker :-)

  3. Hi Mikko, you're right. The Gennaker is gybed by running the windward sheet between the gennaker and the fore stay. Therefore it is good to have long sheets, so that the windward sheet extends to the stern winch. The gennaker is a great sail, you will love it!


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