The renewed mattresses

I blogged last spring about our plans of renewing the mattresses for this year. However, I just realized that we have not yet posted any images of the outcome. So here they are, a couple of photos of Dolphin Dance's new light coloured mattresses, which to be exact, are not that new anymore, since they were delivered in the spring, just in time for the first sail of the season

Our old light blue mattresses started to be a bit worn out, and especially the colour of the saloon settees was partly washed-out. The old cushions were original and thus had served for over twenty years. The moist conditions in a boat can be challenging for fabrics, and there were some mold spots in the backside of the old mattresses. Thus, also due to my allergies, we decided to renew all the mattresses for this season.

With the new cushions, we wanted to take the opportunity to modernize and brighten the looks of the interiors. Therefore we opted for a similar natural white colour, that we had used earlier in the curtains, which were renewed in 2012. We bought the mattresses from Kangas- ja patjatalo, a local family-owned company specializing in mattresses.

When planning to order the new cushions, we got a lot of advice that it might be difficult to keep the light coloured ones clean. However so far, we have not had problems with that. Maybe we have just been extra careful during the first year. Furthermore, especially when sailing or dining, we tend to use additional blankets to cover the settees. 

Mattresses were treated with furniture protector

The fabric is similar to Alcantara. The new mattresses are buttonless. 

The striped white/black blanket is normally used on the settees.  

The mattresses in the forepeak...

...are normally covered with v-shaped pillowtop mattress, also made by Kangas- ja Patjatalo. 

We chose the colour that matches the curtains. 


  1. Oh, that looks fresh and cool, even luxorius. White is so nice with warm coulours of wood. With modern materials, protector sprays and covering plankets I believe you don't need to worry about them getting dirty right away.

    1. Thanks! We have been quite happy with the new ones, since the atmosphere changed quite a lot thanks to the colour.

    2. Yes, if I remember correctly, the Alcantara-type textile shouldn't be too vulnerable. We haven't done any 'stress test' though with the material – probably should have prior to the purchase. But of course, if one happens to spill red wine etc., it will be more visible in a lighter coloured fabric than a darker one. Therefore, we use the blankets to take those first hits.

  2. Nice! How much did the new mattresses roughly cost? We should renew ours as well, but the first quote I got was 3000 euros.

    1. Timo, the price tag of our mattresses was surprisingly 'inexpensive': actually less than a half of the quote you got. Maybe it is worth the effort to ask quotes also from outside the capital region! It is good to note though, that we don't have an aft cabin so there was one or two less mattresses to do, which probably affected a bit on the final cost. After the first season, we have been pleased with the chosen material, quality and consequently (needless to say l guess) the value for money.

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