Sailing photography with the GoPro camera

Photographing and filming sailing moments is something that I have always loved to do very much. This season, I have been using a GoPro action camera, which gives a lot of new possibilities for photographing/filming. First of all, the fact that the camera is waterproof (or more precisely comes with a waterproof case) means that one can shoot in the conditions in which using a normal camera wouldn't be very wise thing to do. Also the camera can be used close to the water, which gives interesting shooting angles.  

Secondly, the camera is of very compact size, so it can be easily mounted on the tip of the boathook for example, which gives possibility to shoot from outside of the boat.

The third good feature of the camera is the time-lapse mode, in which the camera takes photos at a predetermined interval (i.e. photo every 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds). This is very handy, when photographing from example from the top of the mast. The camera can be hoisted on the mast with a gennaker halyard or alternatively with a topping lift (dirk) if the mainsail halyard is in use. We experimented with shooting from the top of the mast on the last leg from Åland back to homeport.

edit 27/10/13: GoPro video added 

Video: Sailing in the Baltic Sea in 2013 – filmed with GoPro:


  1. These photos are amazing, thanks for sharing them! I think it's not just that great camera and good skills in photography that makes these photos so cool. The suroundings (sailing on open sea) and the nice weather add some nice effect too. Anyway - good job!

    We had also decided to buy GoPro, but now that we got our new boat so late for this season, we have decided to buy GP later, for the next season. Do you guys have any recommendations for good GoPro accessories for sailing boat? I'm a bit confused with all those different mounting options etc...

  2. Thanks! I agree with you on surroundings - I like photographing especially when sailing offshore, since the waves are usually bigger and therefore one can get more action into the image. Previously, when shooting with our normal system camera it was always a bit of risky business when taking the camera on the foredeck for example. I still do it occasionally though, since the GoPro obviously cannot replace the system camera.

    We don't actually have too many different accessories for the GoPro: basically just a headstrap mount, a tripod mount and various other small mounts, that came with the camera package. Actually I have used just ducktape to tie the camera to the boathook for example. Now that looking for the list of accessories from the internet, I guess that a wrist housing could be a good idea for various usages, so we might consider getting one of those soon...

    1. Many thanks for the tips! Your DIY-versions of GP-monting seems to work well too :) I believe that wrist housing would be quite handy, when taking photos in action.

      By the way, I have never edited any videomaterial, but I just got a palce on a videoediting course of työväenopisto (just 6 hours of basics). So maybe next season I have something new to offer in my blog...

  3. Yes, very impressive pics! Sailing makes for such nice scenery that just waits to be photographed. :)

    1. Thanks s/y Viima! You're right...I guess, that one never gets tired of photographing the sea and the waves.


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