Högklint and Visby surroundings

The winds turned northerly right when we were supposed to start our home journey from Visby. On the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the near gale force wind howled in the rigging and the wind continued strong on Thursday as well. Thus, we decided to spend an extra day tightly moored in the inner harbour. We managed to rent a car for a few hours to see the area south of Visby. By the way, there is a rather inexpensive car rental service in the harbour office if you want to tour the island by car; the daily rental fee is 395 swedish krones (about 45 €).

We checked a couple of harbours, Kappelshamn and Djupvik, located about 20 nm south of Visby. On the way back we stopped at Högklint, which is a high cliff just five kilometers south of Visby. It offers great views to the city and the Baltic sea.

Lilla Karslö seen from Djupvik. There is a boat connection to this interesting island from Djupvik.

 View from Högklint

When writing this, we are spending our second night at Lickershamn, which is a beautiful fishing village some 15 nm north of Visby. We decided to leave rounding the island to some future explorations and instead check some of the harbours in the northern part of Gotland more closely. More about Lickershamn in the next blog post.


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