Dreaming... about sailing in the Caribbean!

Antti has been there twice. I have not. I would like to go! How would it be to sail, when it is warm? When you do not have to wear that lovely Helly Hansen foul weather gear, woolen socks and two layers of underwear? I do not know, but would like to experience it.

Antti will have his 30th Birthday next winter. Wouldn't that be a great reason to travel and sail? ;) Do you have experiences on chartering a boat in the Caribbean?

Green Island, Antiqua

St. Barths

Îles des Saintes

Îles des Saintes

The third most dangerous airport in the world (St. Barths)

Photos taken by Antti in 2006 and 2007.


  1. What a great idea! Go for it.

    Although we have been to the Caribbean we have not chartered there. It's a great place, if you can count that huge area as 'a place'.

    Just for the record :-) one of the hottest place we have sailed was ... Lake Saaima, July 1999! 32C and no wind.

    However, if you are looking for good sailing in a wonderful climate, have a look at chartering in Thailand, specifically out of Phuket. Fabulous sailing, fishing, eating, swimming, people - and the amazing 'hongs'. Also when we did it (1997) the price was cheaper for 2 weeks sailing including commercial flights than 10 days with 'no frills' flights to Greece or Turkey, and the Caribbean was more expensive by 5 times once we had factored in the cost of food and drink. We have no up to date first hand experience, sadly.

    Just an idea for you...

    Rich & Veronica

    1. Hi Rich & Veronica,

      Thailand is a good idea, especially as we have never been in Southeast Asia. I guess that Thailand is still a lot cheaper than Caribbean, although the prices have probably gone up proportionally more there.

      I do not know about wind conditions in Thailand, but one major benefit in the Caribbean is of course the stable wind conditions. Meds is one option as well, but it would be nice to go sailing in the middle of the winter. Also I have heard that there is usually either no wind or too much wind.

      Antti & Minna

  2. Well, at least it is something for you to think about! Southeast Asia is a big 'cultural shift' but we think you will find it fascinating.

    Ah yes... the 'wind' problem! In my experience, all the published information about weather is to be used as a 'guide' at best. It is actually more common than one thinks that the 'normal' weather doesn't occur - including the Tradewinds in the Caribbean... (although I agree that the weather there is more stable than many other places). Also having too much wind, or not enough, is only an issue if one is attempting to keep to a fixed timetable or agenda. In Thailand, if we had no wind, we dropped the pick and went snorkelling or explored an island, or did some fishing, reading, writing, sketching, relaxing and so on. If it was windy, we went where it took us. I suppose it is the difference between 'sailing' and 'cruising', and at the end of the day, it didn't really matter to us.

    (Just for a simple example, in Thaland the Pilot Book said words to the effect that "... Don't visit this island in April because of the strong onshore winds" - yet when we were there the 'strong winds' dropped to zero at dusk and we had the most amazing meal/experience of the trip -and we were the only ones at the island!)

    However, it doesn't matter if you choose Antigua, Phuket, Greece or Sydney - you'll have a great time! Can we come too? R&V

    1. I agree what you say on wind conditions and 'cruising' vs. 'sailing'. My two visits to Caribbean have been with Sail Training Association of Finland, and we did quite a lot of sailing and toured many islands just within a week or so. I did not mind it, since I was mostly looking for sailing experience. For me (having sailed only in Finnish waters), it was really an unforgettable experience to sail a night passage from Guadeloupe to Martinique in force 7 under all the stars and just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. However, with a charter boat, we would probably spend more time on anchorages, rather than trying to see as many islands as possible.

      My (limited) experience of wind conditions in Caribbean is very positive. However, in 2006 the tradewinds were stronger (than suggested by the cruising guides) and blowing regularly at Force 7. I don't really fancy hot temperatures, but the tradewinds, blowing also through the night, made the living and sleeping onboard more tolerable.

      I agree, that there are a lot of great sailing destinations to be seen. And you are welcome to join us...when shall we go?

  3. Looks really nice! We went to the Caribbean last New Years. Unfortunately only on a big cruise ship but I really started to dream about our own boat trip there. The places looked absolutely amazing!

  4. Hi! I've been looking at Antti's photos from the Caribbean (and I've been surfing on Pinterest to see more photos..) and I would really love to go there since I've never been there! A trip with a big cruise ship must have been great also! What kind of tour was it, where did you go?


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