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We have been busy with work during the last few weeks, so not too much has happened with our maintenance project. However, I try to work at the boat at least once per week even if it is just for few hours at a time, since these small steps will build up and hopefully we will have a bit more relaxed maintenance schedule during the spring.

This winter has been a good opportunity to work with projects that I have been putting off in the previous years. One such project is varnishing the wooden parts round the companionway: the teak slats have previously been unvarnished and after twenty years of service, started to look a bit tired. At the same time, some wooden parts down below, which are prone to wear and tear, will get some new layers of varnish.

We have also decided to order a new sprayhood with (cockpit) extension. Our old sprayhood could work well still for few years, but we were recommended to order both the sprayhood and the extension at the same time to get the matching colour. We have been pondering fabric colour options and dark blue and natural white are the two finalists. I guess that we opt for blue, since the natural white could be challenging to keep it clean.

This weekend, Down By the Sea (Meri Kutsuu) boat show is held in our hometown. We will be of course visiting this event on today or tomorrow. I would be especially interested to check out electric outboard motors for our dinghy.

 Deciding the colour for the sprayhood and extension. I think that we go with the darker blue.


  1. Your are lucky that you are allowed to work with your boat when you keep the boat inside during winter. Here in our place you are not allowed to work on your boat, not even with the winter conservation as changing oil etc.. the yard must to it for you and it cost alot.. so we have to keep the boat outside and rush with all the things when it´s getting warmer =(

  2. Hi Antti - just one small comment: I agree that the darker blue looks very smart.
    However, on the HR34 we chartered a few summers ago, she had a 'stone' coloured sprayhood and extension/cockpit tent which we found to give much more light inside than a blue one, and it made a big (positive) difference.
    Just a thought.

  3. Adam, that sounds moneymaking to me. First one has to pay for wintering inside and then again, of all the basic maintenance routines...and I guess that their hourly fee is not cheap! I am happy to leave the more challenging fiberglass work etc. to pros, but on the other hand, like to fix all the small things at the boat. For me that it is the whole point of wintering inside...to be able to fix also the small things during the winter.

    Richard, that's a good point. 'More light inside' was also the argument that Minna made when she suggested a stone/natural white as the colour of the sprayhood. Btw. I wrote about natural white, but I actually meant the same colour as our stack-pack, which I guess is more like grey?. It is quite close to the colour of the sprayhood of newer HRs. So I guess that we have to still think about this a bit further...Minna would like the lighter colour, but I personally like the looks of the dark blue in our boat. In modern boats, light colour might be better looking. And then there is this question of keeping it clean and bright in the future....hmm. it is a difficult choice!

  4. Hi Antti!
    Nice blog, I´m a follower :)
    What material/substance did you use when varnishing? How did you pre-treat the parts? Sanding? I´ll thought of doing the same this spring.

  5. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comment!
    As I wrote earlier, the teak in the cockpit was unvarnished, so we just sanded the wood, then de-greased the surface and applied Hempel's Dura-Gloss varnish. I have also previously used Hempel's Favourite Varnish for the tiller, but this year decided to opt for Dura-Gloss.

    However, it is maybe too early to make any suggestions on the products or methods, since we have not seen the outcome yet :) At the moment, only two layers have been applied. But I will report on the results as soon as we proceed with the project.



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