The High Coast presents: Ulvön & Trysunda

I love Höga Kusten just shared (on their great Facebook-page) two Världsklass 2015's brand new YouTube-videos about Ulvön and Trysunda in the High Coast. I think that these two short films capture the spirit of the islands in the most beautiful way and I could keep watching these over and over again. Just a perfect escape on this another grey November day...

Ulvön, the pearl of the Gulf of Bothnia

Trysunda, Sweden's most beautiful island


  1. The weather seems pretty calm in every film. Are these shot from a miniature helicopter or similar?

  2. Mikko, I am not sure how these films are shot, but it would be interesting to find out. Now that you mentioned, miniature helicopter sounds plausible idea. But I guess, that there is also some sort of animation involved. The villages look exactly the same than in the real life, so it is really good work!

  3. Nice! Thanks for a new goal/daydream. Hopefully we will vistit these places some day too. Next summer we have to learn how to hande our new boat in easier conditions, in near-home-archipelago, but maybe in a few years...


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