New GoPro -helmet camera

This week I finally got a new camera which I have been longing for quite long - a GoPro HERO2 -helmet camera. It was actually purchased for filming time-lapse video for one commercial project, but I cannot wait to get to test the camera on a boat. The camera can record full wide angle (170 degrees) 1080p HD-video as well as take 11 mpixels photographs. One very interesting feature is a time-lapse photography - in time-lapse -mode camera takes photos at a predetermined interval (i.e. photo every 1,2,5,10,30 or 60 seconds). When you play those photos in sequence and speed it up, you get a nice time-lapse video.

The camera itself is a sort of no-frills version of a digital camera. There is no large LCD-screen, no zooming or other functions and only two buttons. 

Helmet cameras are widely used in outdoor sports such as skiing. The camera is equipped with a waterproof case so it can be placed basically anywhere in the boat. Thus, I think that one can come up with quite interesting shooting angles. For example, this Volvo ocean race video is filmed with a GoPro helmet camera:



  1. Have you thought how to make the camera stay horizontal in your boat?

    1. I kind of like the idea that the camera moves with the boat and does not stay horizontal. Attaching the camera in top of the mast or a pulpit might bring interesting points of views to the movement of a sailboat. One thing I definitely want to try is attaching the camera in the tip of the boathook. This way you can film "outside" the boat. I guess that this technique was used in VOR-video.


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