Sunny Ulvöhamn

One nice thing about the High Coast area is that there are a lot of good harbours within short distance. Therefore, one can sail relaxed a couple of hours' legs and arrive early in the harbour. On Monday, we continued with a 12 nm leg from Bönhamn to Ulvöhamn. We sailed about the first half of the leg but in the afternoon, the combination of light wind and large swell made sailing less relaxing so we had to motor the last five mails.

Ulvöhamn is a small fishing village and a popular holiday destination in the channel between two Ulvön islands. We overnighted at the pontoon by the hotel and enjoyed good service. There was namely a nice sauna that was floating on its own pontoon!
/Antti & Minna

Sunny Ulvöhamn 

Climbing to the scenic outlook Lotsberget 

Surströmming, fermented Baltic herring is the traditional dish of the area. In Ulvöhamn, there used to be a factory producing it but it has been closed now. We have not tried the dish yet...

There is even a pool at Ulvöhamn


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