Högbonden and Bönhamn

On Sunday, the weather was perfect for sailing: enough wind, maybe 6-8 m/s but it was also warm so one needed not use all possible sailing clothes. From Lövvik we started sailing through Storfjärden and continued towards northeast. There was quite a lot of swell, when we sailed to the open sea from the sheltered archipelago.  

After only a couple of hours' sailing, we saw Högbonden. It is the traditional icon of this area - a high island with a lighthouse. Soon afterwards we arrived in the idyllic harbour Bönhamn. There are picturesque old red fishing sheds which are beautifully restored. The day was perfectly sunny until it started raining again in the evening... 
/Minna & Antti


  1. Wonderful places! maybe just a little too cold and rainy for people used to sail the Med. But you make us want to come to have a look!!


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