Höga Kusten Bridge and Lövvik

On Saturday, when the rain stopped, we started exploring the High Coast area. There was not that much wind so we were motoring. First, we went to see the Höga Kusten Bridge which is the third longest suspension bridge in Europe. The maximum height is 40 meters and the pillars are about 180 meters high.  We also checked out the marina close by called Hornö Brygga, but decided to continue further. 

Later in the evening, we arrived then in Lövvik, an idyllic old fisher harbour. The sun came out and Saturday evening was after all very beautiful and it finally felt like summer! In Lövvik, there was even a sauna. The water was cold, only 13 degrees so we did not really fell like swimming here... Unfortunately, a little girl who was sailing with her family, fell to the water during the evening, but luckily nothing bad happened since she had life jacket on.
/Minna & Antti


  1. Ihanan idyllisen näköisiä saaristopaikkoja! Juhannuksena Näsijärven mittari näytti veden lämpötilaksi 18,5 ja kylmää oli joten meressä ei kyllä varmasti tee mieli uiskennella. ehkä saunasta kastautumassa. Mukavaa matkanjatkoa!


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