Djupviken - a wild anchorage in northern Åland

After the coffee break in Sälskär, we continued to Djupviken, which is a popular wild anchorage in northern Åland, about 8 nm east from Sälskär. In Swedish its name means deep bay, and it is a perfect natural harbour especially at southerly winds - in the bottom of the bay one has very little idea about the conditions at the sea. However, the bay is open to the north, so in strong northerly winds it can be a nasty place.

The weather was cloudy and grey during the day, but towards the evening the horizon cleared and the setting Sun painted the scenery red making conditions perfect for photographing.

 Arriving in Djupviken

Scenery in northern Åland is hilly and rocky - it is a sort of Finnish version of the High Coast.

 Minna folding the main sail in Djupviken

From the cliffs of Djupviken a nice view opens over the bay and to the Southern Sea of Bothnia. 


  1. I lllove those evening-photos! And welcome back home again - it was nice to read about your adventures in Sweden.

  2. Looks really nice.. did you anker with two ankers?

  3. Thanks very much for comments!

    Adam, we used only our bow anchor. The place was so sheltered, that there was no need for two anchors.


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