Stenskär – Helsingholmen

On Monday our four days' trip continued with a leg from Stenskär to Helsingholmen. The distance between these islands is less than ten nautical miles, and as the weather was turning sunnier, we decided to make a small detour to the Southern Archipelago Sea which is one of my favourite sailing areas in the Archipelago of Turku. I very much like this intermediate part of the archipelago, where there is more open sea compared to the inner archipelago, but the outer archipelago gives shelter from the Baltic Sea. The islands are rocky, but still forestry compared to the rugged outer archipelago. Also the old fisherman tradition is visible and still living in the area. When sailing in the area, you are practically zigzagging across the islands and small islets, so one does not get bored since you are constantly steering the boat, adjusting the sails and navigating.

In the afternoon we arrived to Helsingholmen, which is perhaps our favourite place in the area. The harbour bay is in a good shelter in southerly winds, so it felt almost like summer at times, when it was completely calm. Otherwise the breeze coming from the Baltic Sea made the weather a bit chilly. The host family is living in the island around the year, so the harbour is open in the off-season as well.  In the evening we booked sauna and also bought delicious perch fillets, that we made for lunch on Tuesday, when sailing back home.

 Beautiful day of sailing – only the temperature could have been 10–15 degrees higher!  

Sandö – an uninhabited island with sandy beaches 

Helsingholmen in sight! 

The welcome committee at Helsingholmen  

 The view from the sauna

A relaxing cold bath in the sea after a sauna (btw. can you spot a white horse in the pic?)


  1. Upeat kuvat. Onneksi lämpötila ei välity niistä :)

  2. Ihania tunnelmia, kiitokset niistä!

  3. I once tried to find Helsingholmen, but couldn't :(

    Great pictures!

  4. Kiitoksia kommenteista! Oli tosiaan aika kylmää kyytiä merellä.

    Timo, Helsingholmen on tosiaan aika hyvin piilossa...hyvä juttu :)

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