Sailing season officially opened!

This weekend the weather has unfortunately not been on our side since it has been cold and raining almost all the time. However, we decided to go sailing on Saturday since the wind was favourable east-southeast and forecasted to turn south on Sunday. This season's first sailing trip took us to Nauvo, where less than half of the guest places were occupied. During the summer season this is one of the most popular harbours in the area.

The wind was pretty strong and gusting about 13-14 m/s. We decided to use only the genoa, because one batten was missing from the main sail, and it did not have reef lines installed either. However, the genoa was surely enough since we were mostly sailing at hull speed and topping 7,5 knots, which is pretty well for this boat.

On Sunday we continued with a short leg to Stenskär, so we are now touring the same places that we did last autumn. This is because we need to have shore power since our Webasto heater is inoperative at the moment, due to the installation of a new exhaust pipe. The old one was taking seawater in at certain heel angles, so it needs to be changed. In general, this trip is a good test run to see what stuff is still missing or needs to be fixed. Although, the weather is a bit depressing, it is a good thing that the boat will get a good wash, since then it can be monitored, if there are leaks somewhere. So far we have noticed that two of the deck drains/spygates appear to be leaking to the lockers, so they need to be fixed.

The first sail of the season!

We had all the clothes on that we could find. Windstopper hat is great in these conditions. We got ours from Helmarin, a Finnish dealer for Hallberg-Rassy. 

It is pretty quiet at the sea. We were the only boat overnighting in Stenskär. 

Plenty of things to do - toilet is leaking from the drain plug. Despite many attempts to fix it was still dripping a bit, so the seal needs to be replaced. 


  1. You definitely need to check on your boat's toilet every now and then so that you'll be sure that it won't clog during a trip.

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