Installing a VHF-antenna

Our old masthead VHF-antenna is lying somewhere in the bottom of the Baltic Sea  last season when sailing from Öland to Nynäshamn, I looked up to the windex, and noticed that the VHF-antenna was loose and swinging from side to side. A couple of minutes later it came down and dropped straight to the sea. I do not know if it had come loose by itself or if some large bird had hit the antenna. 

Installing the new VHF-antenna would have been a bit more easier, if it had been done before the mast was stepped. However, I started working with the antenna too late and could not find that kind of antenna that would fit into the old mounting bracket. Then there were a bunch of other things that came up, so I had to leave the installation of the new antenna after the launch. 

This week, I went through all the local maritime stores, but could not find a suitable antenna. There are  actually two threads in the top of the mast, inner one for the antenna coupling and the outer one for mounting the antenna. I could fit the antenna to the coupling, but the mounting needed some more thinking. I decided to fit the antenna temporarily with some duck tape, and see if it is working. The mounting could be fixed later on if the VHF would be working. Unfortunately, when testing the unit I was unable to make a connection to the Turku Radio. It may be that the VHF cable was damaged when the antenna came down. So I have to now take the antenna down again, and fix it to the pushpit for this season to get the VHF working. Fixing the masthead antenna has to be left till the next haul-out. Thus, there was a plenty of work for something that would not work in the end of the day. Well, I had a chance to inspect the top of the mast and take a few photos. 


  1. I have a feeling that most of the stuff I do end up that way. Lots of work and no results...

  2. That is true! Interestingly, when testing the VHF again today it started working. At least I was able to hear conversation, but I did not have time to test transmission. Thus, it seems that the VHF is capable of receiving signals, but not sure about the transmission side. So this one falls from non operative items folder to the mystery folder - items that work sometimes...

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