Final preparations and the first leg to Isokari

We spent Sunday doing a lot of preparations for the beginning of our journey towards Sweden. The weather seemed to be getting better and we were eager to go! We set sail in the evening and started with a short leg to Isokari which is the last island before the open sea. 

At Isokari, we walked around the island and went to see the lighthouse. After eating (and watching football via the crappy internet connection) we have now checked the weather and are wondering how we should continue. There seems to be much more rain coming than they forecasted earlier and the wind seems to be getting stronger so now we are trying to decide what to do...
/Minna & Antti


  1. Hopefully the weather gets better! I just returned from a week long cruise from the Eastern Gulf Of Finland, the temperatures were a bit too low to my liking, not to mention the highish winds.

    Isokari is a nice place, visited it once by kayak.


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