Fridge compressor incorrectly installed!

I wrote a blog post earlier about installing a new compressor for the fridge. Unfortunately, the installing did not go quite as planned, since the Waeco CU-55 compressor is not suitable for wall mounting! Many thanks to Chris who pointed this out after seeing my blog post on the subject!

It is a pity though, since I thought that I had found a good place for the compressor. Now I have to start all over again with the positioning. More info coming later on as we have re-positioned the compressor.

Compressor mounted incorrectly to the wall, now have to figure out a new place for it.


  1. Requires a Little Storage Space
    The refrigerator, because of its small dimensions, needs a small installation space. This is one of the best feature of this product. Sometimes, we are really short in space and this refrigerator can be very handy in such circumstances. It is the best refrigerator option for student dormitories and also for bed rooms. As it does not require much installation space, so it is the best refrigerator option for TV lounge, reading room or even for your small office.


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