May 8, 2012

Articles in Nautic-magazine

During April I have been working with two articles for a Finnish boating magazine Nautic and now they are published in the May issue (3/2012). The first article (pp. 24-27) is a travel story from Hammerhavn in northern Bornholm, which we visited last July. The article also features travel tips by a Finnish couple with many years of sailing experience in Bornholm.

The second article (pp. 32-34) is about different ways to avoid seasickness. Both articles are written in Finnish.

Link to the online magazine


  1. Nice story! I remember visiting Bornholm once in the eighties – should really give it another go.

  2. Looks like you have had a really nice trip! The sceneries are lovely. Were you there just the two of you or with a bigger group?

  3. Thanks for comments! Bornholm is definitely a place worth re-visiting. Would be nice to round the island some day. Vellamo, yes it was just the two of us visiting Hammerhavn last July.


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