The tiller and the mattress boards varnished

The tiller is now varnished with the total of eight layers of Hempel's Favourite Varnish. We are quite pleased with the end result, although the tiller still does not look like a new one. Over the years the varnish layer had let go on some spots and thus the wood had absorbed moisture and turned darker. However, I do not mind that the tiller has some patina. The most important thing is that it is now protected from the weather.

We also chose to varnish all the mattress boards on the boat. They are basically only pieces of wood found on the interiors of the boat, that are left unvarnished by the yard. According to Hallberg-Rassy, this is to increase the ventilation under the mattresses. For the same reason all the boards have many ventilation holes since new.

However, during last summer we experienced some longer periods of rainy weather. Furthermore, condensation was a problem especially during early summer, when the sea water was below 10 degrees in the Baltics. During those conditions, the moisture absorbes to the mattresses, and they cannot be dried outside when the weather is rainy. Additionally, human beings lose about half a liter of liquid, so the problem is present especially in the sleeping cabin. Therefore, we are trying a little bit different approach for the coming season: the mattress boards are now varnished from both sides to prevent the moisture from absorbing to the wood. To increase the ventilation under the mattresses, we are planning to acquire mattress underlays.


  1. Hello
    We also have the same problem. We have tried to solve it put the ventilation under the mattress. Its works, but I still lift up the mattresses every morning so they dry properly.

  2. Hi! We had no ventilation net under mattresses last year but will try it this season definitely. We might have to try lifting the mattresses up more often - and we will also have to take them out to the fresh air more often!

  3. Hi, it seems that tiller varnishing is the way to go this spring. Guess what I just did? The mattress boards are also on my long to-do list, but we'll see if there is time to do new ones – the originals creak annoyingly.

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