Planning new cushions and blankets

We are planning to get new cushions and blankets for S/Y Dolphin Dance. I have looked through many online stores and catalogues to find the perfect ones... Last year, we had some turquoise pillows onboard but now we would like to change the cushions a little since we will have those beige curtains (we have ordered the beige fabric and will get it next week - after that you will hear more about the curtains project!). We also have dark blue new frotee bath towels so we would like all these beige, dark blue and dark turquoise colors to fit together well. The cushions could be the link in between these colours. Here some of the best cushions and blankets I have found so far!

Stripes pillow by Gant Home 29 € @ Stockmann

Frida cushions 10,90 € / 2 @ Jotex

Stripes pillow 9,90 € @ H&M Home

Star pillow by Gant Home 65 € @ Stockmann

Navy pillow 6 € @ Jysk

Grey and blue Lempi-Blankets 52 € by Finlayson

Decor -blanket 39,90 € @ Stockmann

Lexington Cottage Check -blanket 179 € @ Stockmann


  1. I am loving the striped Gant! But that you probably guessed. :D

  2. I like that one a lot too! It is the first one on the list ;) Another one that I like is the compass.. but maybe we should not mix red with the other colours...
    Hullarit on juuri sopiva syy lähteä Stockalle eli voisinpa hakea tuota tyynyä parisen kappaletta samalla ;)

  3. You are way ahead of me, I have yet to install a new diesel engine and fix the lockers...but then I'll be onto the upholstery. Lovely to have stumbled upon your lovely little blog :)

  4. Hi Charley! Nice that you found our blog :) We also have a lot of stuff to do: some reparations and installing e.g. the new compressor for the fridge. Antti is focused on those things - and I keep focusing on these other aspects ;)


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