Instead of studying for the exam...

As I wrote earlier, I have taken part in the coastal navigation course during this spring. The examination of the course is held this Friday so I should be preparing for it! I should do those tidal calculations, study the theory of weather and do some drift calculations.

On the other hand, I went shopping yesterday and I might as well show you what I found! I had a work trip and on the way, I stopped at Design Hill, a nice design store in Halikko next to the motorway from Turku to Helsinki. They had some navy accessories and fabrics and I bought this navy club bag. This one shall be used as a bag for laundry or for groceries this season. :)


  1. Design Hill is a shop full of temptations :) I forced my husband to go to Stockmann's Hullut Päivät to buy those Pentax Marine binoculars today.

  2. It is! I am actually now going to Hullut Päivät, we will see if I find anything for the boat :)

    Btw, how did the exam go yesterday? I found the last questions (theory) rather difficult since those were quite different from earlier exams.. And I was not totally sure about all those answers :) But I feel that the calculations went quite well - now waiting for Wednesday!

  3. I have to say that I don't remember much of the questions of that exam, since I had fever etc... But it felt like it went quite well, and now that I got the reults I was happy as a hedgehock: 28,5/30 points :)I think I'll continue to astronomic navigation course next fall - as a hobby.

    So how about you, were you happy with your results?

  4. Gongratulations, you made it perfectly! I was also planning to post about this soon - I am very happy with the results :) Even though I did not make it with such great points, but got it well done with 21. :)

    The astronomic one seems like a to of work (and mathematics...) so I might skip it for now at least. I will have to focus on getting better at sailing since last summer, Antti was almost all the time in charge so I should participate more in that!

  5. I think the astronomic navigation course is not very useful in reality these days, as long as the gps works well (sooner or later there wil be somekind of errors for sure). On the otherhand, that course is a systematic studyprogramme for the long off-season. I have a lot to learn in handling the boat and trimming the sails too, but there's not much to do for it during winter...

    As I understood from my teacher's descriptions of astronomic navigation course (he's teaching that too), it's not mathematically so challenching, but you have to be very systematic and understand the logic of the routines. There is another woman from my pervious courses, who is going to start that course next fall too, so... Think about it, if you want to come along!

  6. And nice to hear you did fine with the exam too!


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