Cleaning the topsides

The spring maintenance continues: the topsides of s/y DD are now cleaned with Hempel's Cleaning Powder and are ready to be waxed. I am very pleased with the result and the efficiency of this cleaning powder. The operation of this oxal acid based product is based on a chemical reaction so there is no need for mechanical cleaning. The cleaning powder worked especially well in removing the yellow stains near the waterline.  See the before and after pics for checking the results.

Weather is finally getting a bit warmer so the plan is to start working with the keel repair today.

The cleaning powder is mixed with some water and the paste is applied with a brush to topsides 

The right side of the waterline is treated with the cleaning powder. The boot stripe requires still some cleaning after the treatment. 

 Removing the rust stain coming from anchor locher drain is a typical problem. The Hempel cleaning powder removed that pretty well (right pic). 


  1. Moro. Mitäs meinaatte tuolle antifouling-pinnalle tehdä? Itse käytin samaa jauhetta kylkiin ja hyvin toimi.

    1. Veneelle tulossa täysi pohjaremontti ensi talvena, joten mennään myrkkymaalin paikkamaalauksella tämä kausi.

  2. Hi, if that stuff really works, I could give it a try as well. Cleaning and polishing is always a major pain in the butt. But I do have to agree with Marko – your bottom paint looks a bit sad.

    1. Yes, it works. I have previously used oxalic acid (bought from pharmacy store) for cleaning the topsides. However, I find Cleaning powder more efficient and easy to use. Partly this is due to the fact that it forms kind of paste when mixed with water so it can easily be applied.


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