Articles in Turun Sanomat and presentation at a boat fair

This week seems to be very busy for us! Today, you can find two articles written by us in Turun Sanomat newspaper's theme edition for boating, called Vesille in Finnish. There is an article written by Minna about our sailing journey to Norway and an article written by Antti about using iPad and other mobile devices when sailing.

Next weekend, on the other hand, we will give two presentations about our sailing journey to Norway at the local boat fair Meri Kutsuu at Turku Congress Center (Turun Messukeskus). You all are very welcome to come to listen to our stories!

We have also opened a Facebook Page for our blog. If you want, you can follow our updates now there. It is also possible to check out information about this presentation at the boat fair through Facebook and join the event:
/Minna & Antti


  1. Nice story and phots on TS! I wish I could read more about your adventures in Norway and Sweden. Unfortunately I have booked a VHF-radio and Short Range Sertificate course for this weekend, and I won't see you at the Meri Kutsuu either. Have a nice time there!

  2. Hi and thanks for the kind words! Would have been nice to see you, but maybe another time then :) Have a nice course!


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