Education during the wintertime - Coastal Navigation Course

Winter is the best time for studying the theory of sailing and navigation. When the sailing season starts once again, one can put the theory in practice.

I took the Archipelago navigation course two years' ago. Back then, I had not been sailing at all but was interested to learn about navigation and the rules of seafaring. When I had met Antti last year, I
decided, despite my lack of sailing experience, to join him for his sailing journey to Norway. In the end, I spent almost two months sailing and enjoyed the journey a lot.

Antti was mostly doing the navigation during last summer's journey. I would, however, like to learn more and be able to participate more when sailing. This is why in January, I started taking the Coastal navigation course. We started with rehearsing how deviation and magnetic variation can be calculated. After that, we have been studying drift and current. This week, we started with tidal calculations. These are interesting topics but not that relevant issues when sailing in the Baltic Sea. However, when one leaves the Baltic Sea, it is necessary to understand these topics. Thus, I should have taken this course already before our sailing journey to Norway. Well, better later than never!


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  2. Nice to hear that someone is in the same process during this winter! I just got through the archipelago navigation course last fall and now I'm on this coastal navigation course. Let's see will I get at least some of those skills into practice next summer or will it be more like an overload of information. Anyway, it has been interesting and fun - an opportunity to continue sailing as some kind of hobby during winter months.

    (P.S. Coastal skipper is the highest level of boating training: competent crew - day skipper - coastal skipper ;)

  3. Oh, really! We were wondering, when writing, how these courses could be translated into English! Thank for the comment, I will change Coastal Skipper into Coastal navigation... :) Ang I agree, it is a good way to keep "sailing" during winter months!


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