Sep 24, 2011

Last trip of the season: Berghamn and Stenskär

Last weekend we made probably the final sailing trip during this season. Nice autumn weather had been forecasted for the whole weekend so we started at Friday noon and headed for Southern Archipelago sea. We had good northwesterly wind during Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday the wind calmed and we had to motor six hours. On Friday we decided to overnight at Berghamn, which is lovely island with only a few permanent inhabitants. On Saturday we continued with a relaxed leg to a nearby Stenskär.

At Airisto we saw one of the worlds largest sailing yachts, 220 ft long Hetairos which is manufactured by Baltic Yachts in Finland. They were running some tests since the boat was launched a few months ago.



Feelings are a bit down because this great sailing season is almost over. We are now focusing on getting Dolphin Dance well prepared for winter. And soon we start for planning for the next season. More info on our plans later...
/Antti & Minna

Sep 10, 2011

Vote the best picture from season 2011!

Photographing was one of the pleasures during our journey and something that we both like to do a lot. However, at times it also caused some stress, because we wanted to capture the best moments and views. Often we found ourselves climbing somewhere in the middle of deep forrest only to get a better angle for our shots.

We took over 2000 photos during our trip, so there were a lot of pictures to go through. We have now selected 15 photos, that we think that best represent our trip. However, when editing and going through loads of photos, one becomes somewhat blind to them. So we would appreciate if you could vote, which you think are the best ones. The poll where you can leave your vote is underneath all the pictures.
/Antti & Minna

1. Sailing to Jungfruskär (Finland) 

2. Evening in Kulkan (Stockholm Archipelago) 

3. Moment before sunrise (Baltic Sea) 

4. Sunset at Kattegat 

5. Evening in Byxelkrok (Öland) 

6. Waves (Öland) 

7. First glimpse of sun light (Baltic Sea)

 8. Genoa sheets (Southern Baltic Sea)

9. Fishing boat heading for sea at sunrise (Southern Baltic Sea) 

10. Windvane (Baltic Sea)

11. Scenic Ytre Kalvekilen (Norway)  

12. Idyllic Rasvåg (Norway)

13. South coast of Norway

14. Amazing Berefjord (Norway)

15. Sunny Imsøysundet (Norway)

Which picture do you think is the best one?

Sep 6, 2011

Helsingholmen - the pearl of the southern Archipelago Sea

Last weekend, we made a short sailing journey to Helsingholm, which is situated in the southern Archipelago Sea. The weather was nice - the sun was shining and it was warm. Unfortunately, on Sunday the wind was against us and we only sailed the last 1,5 hours of the leg. Antti works often on Friday and Saturday evenings, so we have the habit of sailing on Sunday and on Monday. When we sailed towards Helsingholmen, we saw a lot of boats on their way back home, but for us, the weekend was only starting.

When we arrived to Helsingholmen, the harbour was quiet and there were only three other boats. However, we enjoyed the peacefulness of a beautiful Sunday evening a lot. We walked around this beautiful island, which is inhabited only by one family. They offer good service for the guests - and rely on their guests since there is self service. One can buy some groceries and also book the sauna, which is one of the best ones in the archipelago.

We can heartly recommend this island for anyone who wants to experience a natural island with a homy atmosphere!
/Minna & Antti

We booked a sauna turn and enjoyed the magnificent sunset!