Ytre Kalvekilen - a scenic anchorage in Hidra

Ytre Kalvekilen was one of the places that we definetely wanted to see in Southern Norway. The narrow opening to the bay can be dangerous in stronger winds and should only be attempted in calm conditions according to the Norwegian Cruising Guide. Luckily, on Monday afternoon the wind and swell were light and the entry to the bay was eventually fairly easy. We anchored Dolphin Dance in the inner basin and went ashore with our dinghy. Then we climbed an hour to the top of about 100 meters high peak which gives amazing view over the coast line towards Lista cape. While Ytre Kalvekilen is propably one of the most exotic anchorages in this part of the Norway, the great scenery was somewhat disturbed because of the loggings in the southern side of the bay.
/Antti & Minna

 The narrow entrance to Ytre Kalvekilen


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