Sunny and beautiful Ystad

On Monday, we left from Kastrup and were planning to sail towards Bornholm. After passing the Falsterbo canal in the evening, we kept sailing for three hours but then decided to sleep the night at Gislövs läge. On Tuesday, we started off early in the morning, but because the wind died totally, we decided to head for Ystad instead of Bornholm. It turned out to be an excellent choice, since Tuesday was a sunny and warm day in southern Sweden! We walked around the picturesque town that Antti already visited on the way towards Norway. This time, we had downloaded the Wallander application for Minna's iPhone so we were able to get some information on the places we visited in Ystad.

The weather forecasts we have seen for tomorrow do not agree if it is going to be windy or not, so we have not yet decided whether we will sail towards Bornholm or continue towards north along the Swedish coast. Thus, we will make the decision only tomorrow...
/Minna & Antti


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