Rasvåg - a charming Norwegian village

After spending Sunday in Kirkehamn we decided to head for Ytre Kalvekilen in the southeastern corner of Hidra island for the evening. However, when we sailed to the open sea from the sheltered Kirkehamn, we noticed that wind and swell were probably too strong for passing the narrow and exposed entrance to Ytre Kalvekilen. Thus, we decided to sail to Rasvåg instead. It is a small town on Hidra island, halfway between Kirkehamn and Ytre Kalvekilen. Luckily, this turned out to be a good choice as Rasvåg was a charming little village with white wooden buildings surrounded by green hills. It felt like we had arrived in a Greek island - especially, when the weather was so great! Finally we had 25 degrees and Sun, so the Norwegian summer keeps improving!
/Antti & Minna


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