As mentioned, when we sailed from Borgholm, Öland, back to the mainland Sweden, we sailed underneath the huge Öland bridge and we passed Kalmar town and kept sailing towards south. On Monday, it was time for me to leave for home. Early in the morning, I left Antti and S/Y Dolphin Dance in Bergkvara and took a bus to get to Kalmar town. It took about an hour and then I had the whole day to walk around the city. Kalmar is a beautiful but small city of 35 000 inhabitants. Monday was the National day in Sweden so there were a lot of people outside enjoying the weather. It was really hot, even more than 25°C, I think. The old town was pretty idyllic and there were a lot of old buildings around the town.

Gamla stan - the old city of Kalmar

The water tower

Kalmar castle, which I visited 

Kalmar harbour

After a couple of hours of sightseeing and eating I took a bus towards Kalmar Airport, from where I flew to Stockholm Arlanda and then later in the evening to Helsinki-Vantaa. Then I took a bus to get home. In other words, I spent a long day travelling: waiting for flights and sitting in bus, but still it felt that I travelled crazy quickly back home since it had taken one week from us to get to the southern Sweden. Well, it boils down to the fact that I  compare two totally different ways of travelling.

By the way, when I flew from Kalmar towards Arlanda, it was great to look outside the right side window of the airplane since I was able to see our route from the air. I saw Öland, both Borgholm and Byxelkrok, but also Gotland (where we did not go...) and noticed Nynäshamn and a lot of ships and sailing yachts that looked like small white dots when flying. That small even S/Y Dolphin Dance would look, if someone saw it from the air...


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