Byxelkrok harbour in the northern part of Öland island

As already mentioned, we arrived to the Byxelkrok harbour on Friday afternoon. It is a small fisher village in the northern Öland. We spent the sunny day doing some cleaning and maintenance work but in the evening we had time to walk around the island and photograph. This harbour seems to be a splendid place to watch the sunset and we were happy to sit on the beach in the evening.

Throwing some flat rocks or as we say in Finnish, throwing "breads"


  1. Very beautiful places and pictures.

  2. Hejsan!

    Keep on blogging and posting those great pictures of your trip!

  3. Thanks!

    We will keep on blogging but there were a couple of days with bad internet connection.. And I (Minna) left home so I have been travelling back to Finland the whole Monday... Now I am actually at Helsinki-Vantaa so soon at home though.


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