On Saturday, we left from Byxelkrok towards Borgholm, which is the biggest town in the middle of Öland island. I took a lot of sailing pictures when we were sailing, since we had more than 10 m/s headwind and there were nice waves and riffles next to the boat. Here pictures from sailing but a couple of the town too.

Arriving to Borgholm, Öland

 Glasscafe Ölandsglass offered great homemade gelatto-style ice cream on Borgholm main street

Antti took nice pictures of the harbour later on Saturday evening 


  1. Hello Antti and Minna,

    Thanks for the interesting words and great pictures...and for writing in English! I'm enjoying following along on your cruising adventure.

    My wife and I hope to cruise in Finland one day, so I hope you won't mind a request: if you have the time, could you occasionally mention the anchoring fees, marina fees, and meal costs in restaurants? I know prices change over time, but that will give us something to compare to the monthly costs of cruising in the USA and Mexico, as well as a comparison for your other readers and their cruising grounds.

    Thanks again for your blog,

    Charlie Magee, Oregon, USA

  2. Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for your kind comments. And nice to hear from the other side of the Atlantic as well!

    I would say that the average marina fee in Finland is around 25 euros per night including use of electricity and showers etc. However, there are a lot of less expensive village harbours (public docks) in the archipelago with fewer services. And even better than that, a lot of wild anchorages for free anchoring.

    We have only sailed in Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Denmark is the most inexpensive when it comes to the prices of food and alcohol. I think, that Danish prices are quite close to those of Central Europe. Norway is by far the most expensive and food and alcohol costs two or even three times more than in Denmark. Finland and Sweden are a bit more expensive than Denmark. Eating out in restaurant is quite expensive in Finland: pizza or pasta dish in an average restaurant costs about 10 to 15 euros.

    If you have further questions on cruising in Baltic Sea, we are happy to answer.

    A & M

  3. Thanks so much for your answers, A & M. It's interesting to see there is such a range of prices in that part of the world. That helps plan a trip because now we can decide 2 weeks in Finland, 3 weeks in Denmark, 1 week in Norway, etc. to see as much as possible while maintaining some control of how fast money slips through our fingers.

    We like to anchor out, so we'll be looking for anchorages that are a short dinghy ride from villages and towns.

    Charlie Magee


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