Bergkvara to Ystad

As mentioned, Minna had to return to work on Monday and I was left singlehanding S/Y Dolphin Dance from Bergkvara to Copenhagen. The boat will be left there for a couple of days and I will be back on Monday 13th with my father and a friend for etap from Denmark to Norway.

I left Bergkvara on Monday morning bound for Ystad in Southern Sweden. First five hours of the leg were frustrating sailing and motoring in light winds and large swell. There were about 15 minutes' periods of good wind, but then the wind faded and the sails were left beating heavily. At 3pm the forecasted fresh SE wind finally arrived and I was able to beam reach about 12 hours at good speed. In the evening I saw lightning over the sea, but luckily thunderclouds were further away and did not cause any trouble.

The route passed close to Utklippan. 

Fleet of fishing boats headed for sea at sunrise

There are a lot of fishnets in Southern Baltic Sea. Those can be difficult to spot, especially at night.

Beautiful sunrise in Southern Baltic Sea

On Tuesday morning wind calmed and I was able to sleep few hours. The leg from Bergkvara to Ystad was longest so far: 107 nm and lasted 24 hours.

Last three hours was motoring in calm

Southern coast of Sweden on a misty morning

Ystad is best known for Henning Mankell's Wallander-series. It is also an idyllic city with picturesque old houses and streets.


  1. NIce that everything is going well. Those pictures are really piece of art. See you soon!

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