Rough start for the journey

First day of our journey did not go quite as well as planned. We had about 10-14 m/s headwind and after about three hours of beating we discovered that cabin floor was wet. Antti started to look for the cause and found out that rudder shaft stuffing box was leaking. It was not much but still enough so that quick decision was made to head for a nearby harbour where repair facilities were also close. We managed to get a mechanician to look for rudder box the following day. At first, we were quite disappointed, but then we realised it was good to notice the problem early and not somewhere in middle of the North Sea for example.

Apparently, the maintenance of rudder box was neglected for too many years and needed some vaseline to get squeezed in. Larger renovation would have required taking the boat up so we decided to test the rudder at sea on Saturday. It seemed to be ok so we continued towards Houtskär. The sailing weather was pretty nice - we had about 7 m/s wind and only around 12°C but in the beginning it was quite sunny. Later, the clouds appeared and the wind got stronger and we were able to sail to Houtskär in around five hours. Luckily, in the evening the clouds faded and we got a nice sunset at Houtskär.

Here we are now sitting in the boat blogging. Our mobile internet connection is really slow but we are trying to download a couple of photos too. The weather forecast for the next couple of days is not very promising: headwind of about 15 m/s (30kts) and rain. Thus our plans are quite open - we will see what happens tomorrow!
/Antti & Minna

Minna steering in the sunshine

Sunny evening in Houtskär


  1. Hi guys!

    I didn't know that they use vaseline to fix leaks...?!?

    BTW it would be nice to have a map link to see your current position. Is it possible to put this kind of gadget to your blog? Just an idea...

  2. Moi A & M!

    Nice to hear and see that you are sailing again!! And interesting to follow your adventures this way, all the pictures and blog texts. Have a good time! We are with you:-)

    Piiu + others

  3. Hi!
    Yes, vaseline was needed so it could be squeezed in again - it was not functioning properly without vaseline.

    We could try to fix a map, a nice idea! The only problem is that our internet connection is pretty slow out here so it takes a lot of time to update the blog. However, we have now good time to try since it is raining and windy - we will sail forward only later when the weather gets better!

  4. And Piiu, thanks!! It is great to write down what is going on. It takes a lot of time to get the photos online, but we'll try to keep blogging... As I just wrote before seeing your comment, we are now in Houtskär waiting for the weather to get better.

    Greetings to everyone and happy birthday to Eino! :)


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