Season 2018 in Twenty Photos

As yet another year draws to an end, it is also a good time to look back to the sailing season 2018. The year 2018 brought some big changes to our sailing 'family' as this was the first season for us with Dolphin Dance II. This means that after sailing for eight years with our trusty Dolphin Dance I (HR 29), we decided to continue our adventures with a slightly bigger boat (HR 342 from 2008). We found the perfect match in February 2018 from the West Coast of Finland. The deal was made in mid-winter and the maiden voyage for us was in the end of May.

During the season 2018, Dolphin Dance II logged total of 1330 nautical miles during 64 sailing days.  The season continued record long as the last sailing trip was on the 21st of November and she was lifted out a couple of days later.

Here are twenty photos that represent best our sailing year 2018.

We got married in April 2017 and headed for a honeymoon trip to St. Vincent & Grenadines in Caribbean in January 2018. 
We chartered…

Aurora Borealis in the Archipelago

Indian summer in October!

Windy September sail

Sailing to Visby (with Dolphin Dance I)